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Hey party people, I am Lu-Shawn Thompson and I welcome you to Ole Skool with Lu on On Da Block radio station! I invite you to hang out with me and take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the soulful sounds of ole school R&B & Hip Hop. I am honored to host this show because it allows me to share with you all what ole school music does for me.   


Music is powerful & transformative. We can all remember what we were doing, with whom we were in love and even where we were living when a certain song was playing on the radio. Note by note, music is the biography of our lives. Every song that I play for you evokes a certain memory of what was happening in my life at that point in time.  


I look forward to hosting a block party, a basement party, and a park jam with you on Ole Skool with Lu on On Da Block Radio.  Get ready. Let's go and embark on this magic carpet


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